When I turned the big “40″ I wanted to go out and have a great time, I work about eleven hours a day so there is no time for me to ever have any fun. I put in for a couple of vacation days so that I had time to recover after partying on a milestone in my life.

I woke up on my birthday and I did not know what is in store for me that day. Before I did anything, I had to go renew the tags on my car so I did not get charged a late fee and I knew I would be doing a little drinking.

My friends called me that evening and said they rented a presidential suite at the casino for me. I walked in to a ton of drinks, food and beautiful Manchester escorts companions. Let me just tell you that I had the time of my life!

Apr 212015

Bike week in Daytona has finally come and gone and I’m drained! I had the time of my life down there with all my buddies at Derby escort agency. We all drove our bikes down to Daytona area and rented a hotel for the entire week. I don’t think there was a moment there that we did not have a beer in our hand. There were so many beautiful women topless on bikes and dancers in the caged outdoor stripper poles. It was every mans dream. I told my wife there would be no nude women or drinking but I guess what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. It was just so great to do something spontaneous for once and being able to do it with a group of life long friends. Next year the wives want to go so I’m sure it will be very different from this years events.

Different Sisters

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Mar 242015

It is just me and my sister and we both live a different style. Me, I am married to a wonderful husband with three beautiful young children. We own our own house, have a swimming pool and a tree fort for the kids to play in during the summer. They always have their friends over playing or swimming. We like the simple life that we live and would not want it any other way.

My sister on the other hand loves to stay single and date multiple men. I personally think she is crazy because she is very attractive and can basically get any man that she wants. She claims that instead of having a relationship that she would rather have no strings attached fuck buddy. She said that each of them are always pleasured when needed and that they do not have to put a lot of effort into a relationship.

Nov 262014

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Nov 242014

Dating isn’t that important to me, so I haven’t been serious about pursuing a long-term relationship. The last thing I want is a long-term date right now, and I’m happy without one. Recently, however, my family has decided that we’re all going to get together and watch the Manchester football team play off. It’ll be a great time, and I’m really looking forward too it.

There’s just one thing: I don’t have a date for it. Normally, that wouldn’t be a big deal, but it is this time. My family decided that everyone is going to have a date, and anymore without a date is going to buy dinner. Truthfully, I don’t really care about purchasing a dinner; I care about having a date and looking good. I’ve decided that I am going to take the easy way out: I’m going to hire one of the many great Sheffield escorts.

Nov 062014

I have been with my male partner for over 7 years and work with the Nottingham escorts. We have a truly amazing relationship for the most part and I could not ask for anything else. Recently he proposed to me and I did accept but I do have some guilt that I need to confess to him on my part. The only secret that I have kept from him is that he thinks that I work at a classy bar in the Downtown area. I can not find the heart or the right time to tell him.

When I do, I know that the questions are going to be endless and it is my fault for not telling him sooner. I do know that when the time comes that I am going to have to be truthful about the 100 clients that I please regularly. I love my job and what I do and I really hope that he will be understanding!